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I am the proud father of three children, Kati, Keith and Kayanna:† six stepchildren, Hunter, Ty, Michael† Autumn, Chris, and Debbie. I also have 6 grandchildren Gwyn, Owen, Tatum, Ethan, Everett, and Darla.


I started dancing as a teenager in 1974 with my family.† Every one of my siblings square danced.† To date, my mother, Lanelle Jeanes dances with the Wildcatters and the Bluebonnets.† My sister, Missy Fletcher and her husband, Craig dance with the Woodland Stars.†


One night in 1989 at Lutherís BBQ, the Woodland Stars heard me sing.† This started their campaign to help me become a caller.† While attending the callersí college, they got together a pilot square on Tuesday nights and were my live dolls for a whole year.† My calling career officially started in 1990.† I quickly picked up four clubs:† Woodland Stars, Huntsville Promenaders, Curly Ques, and the Hot Steppers.† Without the support of those original Woodland Stars dancers, I donít believe I would have become the caller I am today.


I am passionate about Square Dancing because it is the best family and couple activity that I know of.† A Square Dancer is welcomed by other square dancers all over the world and one can dance for as many years as the mind and body can keep up.† I have made lifelong friends through this activity and have memories that I will always cherish.† As a caller, I have called all over the United States, and I do all that I can to grow this activity and to make it interesting, challenging and fun.† When the dancers are having fun, I am on the mountain top.†


At the 2011 Texas State Square Dance Convention in Tyler Texas, I noticed a special lady, Linda who had come to dance along with her three kids.† She shares the same passion for the activity and is now my wife.† Many of you may have had the opportunity to dance with Michael Verhoef and his wife, Autumn, our son and daughter-in-law who live in the Dallas area and often meet up with us for festivals and dances.


I am proud to be a Square Dance caller and believe in the good that this activity perpetuates.† I would recommend this activity to anyone who enjoys meeting wonderful and friendly people and who like a wholesome activity that keeps the body active and the mind challenged.† We are a large organization where every member is family.


I have been the Teen Liaison for the Houston Square and Round Dance Counsel for the last four years, an active member of the Houston Callers Association, the Texas Callers Association, Callerlab and a recording artist with Rhythm Records.


The clubs I have called for are:
Wildcatters Squares


Huntsville Promenades for 4 years.
The Woodlands Stars for 3 years.
Curly Ques for 6 years.
The Hot Steppers for 5 years.




A note from my loving wife:


My husband is an awesome man!† I knew him as a caller from years before we started dating.†† I appreciated his talent and professionalism as a caller then and now even more.† His stage presence is genuine and entertaining but overshadowing everything else is his talent to call the dance.†† I get compliments about his calling and singing voice everywhere we go.†† Just looking across the dance floor, you can see smiles and hear laughter.† His music choice makes our feet want to dance.† I love to dance to his calling.† My ultimate though, is dancing to his Dance by Definition (DBD) because he makes it challenging and fun.† Being married to a caller has been a wonderful experience and it has broadened by knowledge of the Square and Round Dancing world.† I have had the pleasure to meet and dance to numerous callers and cuers and I am proud to be married to one of the very best!